Face to Face: Gules Lip

Red Like Roses

If there is one makeup look that will endure trends and fads it is the red lip. Women have been painting there lips red for over 5,000 years; be it with crushed gemstones, bugs or fruits, the desire for plump rosy lips is one that unlike a red rose will not wither and decay. The red lip signifies a magnitude of things in a multitude of cultures and civilisations, but more than anything it denotes femininity, sexuality and power, and is one of the most uncomplicated ways to dress up your face (in theory; disregarding the fact that it smears, smudges and uninvitedly paints your teeth). Customarily both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter runways of 2017 featured the prevailing look with modern modifications of the abiding lip colour, be it smudged, faded, deep or vivid, adding a fresh take. However, a classic red lip, in some sort of paradox can be equally as dynamic as it’s progressively driven counterparts. Seeing a woman emblazoned in a striking damask hue is just as rousing as a girl sporting a nouveau, chic ombré rendition. Whether you chose to wear your red lip straightforwardly, smudged across your face as if you’re dishevelled from a passionate kiss, or patted over a balm for a subtle, barely-there finish, the perfect hue is paramount.

The Perfect Pick

There are numerous shade of reds, with pink, blue, purple and orange undertones, and frankly, it’s difficult to work out what suits your skin tone, hair tone, eye colour, what will make your teeth look yellow or gleam bright white. But fortunately, with time, patience (and quite a bit of money spent) it can assertively be declared that a universal red lipstick does exist, and it goes by the name of Red Hedy by Rodin. Named after the Austrian-born Hollywood screen actress, Hedy Lamarr who also pioneered wireless communications (without Hedy we wouldn’t have WiFi),  the classic Hollywood red lipstick that exudes finesse and femininity, power and prowess, much like Hedy Lamarr herself. Eloquently summarised as ‘Beauty and brains’, by Linda Rodin herself, the hue is for the modern woman. (Now this may seem a bit deep for a lipstick but what isn’t deep-rooted nowadays). The Lucite cased, cruelty-free lipstick has an inclusive undertone and is formulated for a highly pigmented finish, that effortlessly glides on with a slight satin shine, but settles becomes a little more matte. And when I say it settles, it really does settle, lasting all day on the lips, with the exception of eating ridiculously greasy food, but even then it leaves your lips with a fresh rosy stain. The creamy formula is made with Rodin’s signature blend of eleven nourishing oils including apricot, argan and meadowflower seed, which results in a luxurious feel on the lips that’s plush and lightweight. Whether you’re dabbing it, smearing it or prudently applying it, Red Hedy is the perfect pick.