Face to Face: The Miracles of Moisture

Collage by Aylea Skye/ Original Images by Aylea Skye & Unknown Sources

Collage by Aylea Skye/ Original Images by Aylea Skye & Unknown Sources

The Power of Hydration

Previously we talked about the benefits that certain oils have on oily skin, and so to pick up where we started we discuss the magic of moisture to the skin. We all know that drinking lots of water is one of the greatest foundations for having healthy skin (and general self) however, hydration for the skin presents itself in numerous manners, and the most plain-sailing after drink staying internally hydrated is by applying moisture directly to the skin. Be it an elementary moisturiser or elaborate serum, it’s pretty safe to say that the concept of external hydrating is far from novel, but a concept that’s fairly newly fangled is the overnight mask. 

If wouldn’t be presumptuous to assume that everyone takes relish in a lazy day or evening with nothing to do and a face mask doing good to your skin, but more often than not (in a busy Western society) we can not catch the time to do this, and so face mask aren’t part of our standard routine (as it was professed it should be in Face Mask 101), and are skins are not being properly attended to, and so this is were overnight mask comes into take centre stage. 

Correct It With Moisture

Correcting, healing and restoring skin overnight sounds pretty farfetched, but is a truth that has been conceived with products like NUORI Skincare’s Supreme Moisture Mask. The vegan Danish skincare company cultivates a culture of fresh, forthright products that are made from natural ingredients in small batches every 12 weeks, ensuring that you aren’t putting two-year-old concoctions on your face. 

The Supreme Moisture Mask is a minor miracle worker for tired, lacklustre, dehydrated skin (and to make thins clear oily skin can be dehydrated). The concentrated formula infuses the gentle power of grape and damask rose water with natural hyaluronic acid to reinstate the skins moisture levels, vitamin B3 revives the completion, prevents moisture loss and reforms elasticity. Those with acne-prone skin will benefit from the soothing, anti-inflammatory nature of chamomile, which also restores elasticity to enhance the result of youthful plump skin that it imparts. 

It’s the kind of product that has clear results from initial use, with scars, discolouration and blemishes reduced and a general glow-from-within type radiance imparted with less effort than actually applying your evening skincare regime (as the creamy, lightweight texture can also be applied under the eyes, so no eye cream required). 

So the next time you want to revive dull, tired, (anything undesirable), look to moisture and the overnight mask.