The Chosen Ones 0.3: Sisley Paris, Solo Travel and Mornings with Acai

Collage and Original Images by Aylea Skye

Collage and Original Images by Aylea Skye


Not Quite Chanel

Little is more rewarding (from a fashion perspective) than purchasing a pair of heels for £5, discovered whilst rummaging through shelves of dust-developed 1980s pumps in a Notting Hill vintage store. But perhaps what is more rewarding is the regular occurrence of them being mistaken for a Chanel classic, that will set you back a good £700. Camel-beige leather with black suede toe caps, it’s understandable why such a mistake is a possibility, and they are from a vintage French brand, so the similarities are almost closers than the discrepancies, and make a case for second-hand shopping.


Sisley Paris

It’s almost deplorable when beauticians and beauty gurus claim that their most esteemed product comes with an equally esteemed price. You want to find a cheaper alternative or claim that receiving a free product has warped their view of its effectiveness, but sometimes exceptionally expensive products are exceptionally good products, and Sisley Paris is a shining example. With a focus on botanics, their skincare ranges cater to varied skin types from a gentle yet, efficient standpoint. Each product is packed with active ingredient that aren’t lab grown but are sourced within fruits, flowers and plants, meaning that work to brighten, tone, smooth and firm the skin, but aren’t in any manner abrasive or irritating. Even their makeup is infused with skin-enhancing natural ingredients. Some favourites are the Purifying Rebalancing Lotion with Tropical Resins, Radiant Glow Express Mask and Photo-Teint Éclat Compact Foundation.


Art Therapy

A gallery a day keeps the doctor away. Not an aphorism, but it certainly should be. There’s an holistic quality to a slow and luxuriate walk through a spaced filled with aesthetically pleasing ‘art’, be that contemporary, modern, renaissance, sculptural, cubist, expressionist, etc. Art appreciation is often perceived as a pastime for the privileged or pretentious, and without doubt there is an air of both that permeates through a gallery space, but above this is the sense of tranquility and affirmation that comes from the simple task of observing an object, happening, film, sound, or whatever form the artwork takes, and reflecting on the qualities, interpretations and opinions of it. Another therapeutic quality of art galleries is that they are sometimes best experienced in solidarity, and constructive time alone to simply observe and think can be one of the best forms of therapy.


An Individual Quest

On the subject of solidarity, let’s talk about solo travel. A venture that many proclaim is one that should be on the bucket list of everyone. Solo travel is a venture that some say they would like to do but can’t quite manage summon the courage and others assume to be for the lonely, but the perplexing truth of traveling alone is that it strengthens the first and weakens the latter. A solo trip to Paris and Madrid misplaced my comfort zone, by I required a new, more fruitful one, that relishes in the comforts of oneself. The fear of solo travel is often boredom, social perceptions , and perhaps ones actual safety in a foreign city, country or continent. Of course, travel is an experience that may enriched through the pleasure of sharing, but boredom in solo travel is the same boredom that occurs when walking through your hometown alone, or sitting down for breakfast alone, it’s fundamentally a boredom of your own thoughts and abstractions, and in that same perplexing manner that solo travel strengthens courage and weakens loneliness, it also encourages a healthy engagement with contemplation.


Acai Bowl and Granola

Summer is well in swing and as the temperature rises to unbearable degrees, the urge for hearty meals sinks (unless it’s pasta or pizza, because there’s never a time not to consume either). Instead we crave lighter, fresher breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner options. The dish that was transported across the globe a few years ago from Brazil, still holds precedence in the realm of warm weather morning meals, and that of course is an acai bowl. There are numerous manners of which it can be dressed up and served, some top with fruits and nuts, others nut butters and grains, but granola is one of the most filling and nutritious toppings. Try making your own to personalise the granola mix to your palate and dietary desires. A soon-to-come turmeric and peanut butter granola recipe is just one option.